This domain is primarily intended to host my "homebrew" RPG rules system, Sagatafl, but this is my personal section.

What I am doing now
I'm usually online every day, checking my email. If something should prevent me from getting online, for a longer period of time, I'll announce it here, along with the expected duration. Of course, that assumes that I know about it in advance.

There are periods where I take a sort of "break" from online, and stay away from Usenet and other public places, while still checking my email. If someone is concerned, he or she can visit this page and see when the date, below, was last updated. I'll endavour to update it every 2-3 weeks. This means that if it's four weeks or longer, since an update, then something unexpected has happened.

Updated 12/mar-2005

Nothing special.
(I simply forgot about this page for a number of months...)

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