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RPG net, amateur reviews of RPGs, some good columns and a few excellent ones GURPS from Steve Jackson Games YahooGroups, for mailing lists
Fantastik, Danish club for fantasy & science fiction (all media) Fantastic Fiction Sagatafl (FFRE) on YahooGroups
Mensa International Mensa Denmark Mentiqa - the only school in Denmark that services highly intelligent students
Amazon USA Amazon UK Fantask - RPG shop in Copenhagen (Danish)
eBay USA WH Smith (temporarily unable to ship outside of UK) Noble Knight Games - new and used RPGs
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This is the place where I'll try to have the (clean) URLs that I use the most. I'll replace them gradually, as I become more consciously aware of my Internet use habits. Placement is largely random, although I try (slightly) to "cluser" related links. This page has turned out to take seriously precedence over the regular Links page, and the reason is obvious: I'll be using this page much more.

This QL page will be my "starting page" in the browser on my home computer. My big link collection, without any limits, is to be found here (no contents yet, though).

1 These services can only be used by residents of Copenhagen, who have registered with the Copenhagen library system.